Welcome to sunrise public school
Thank you for visiting Sunrise Public School. We are happy that you like our institution for your child's brilliant future. We would be glad to share with you some our instinctive characteristics. We will start with our ethos because if explains what we want to do for the students. Basic education is a fundamental right of every indian citizen, but still a sizeable sector of society is either not aware of it or does not have enough means to provide it to their children. Furthermore, in spite of so many schools mushrooming everywhere, the quality of educations not praise worthly.
Cultural Dance Competition
A cultural dance competition on the eve of birthday of mahatma gandhi, in which school student perfom the Cultural dance.
Tour with school
It is very important that a child feels at home in a pre-school. At EuroKids, while maintaining...
Art visit
We offer programs that are developmentally appropriate and foster all-roun development ...